A developer who doesn’t learn at least one new thing every 3 months is a paperweight.

You have to keep learning

As a developer you have to master the skill of continuously learning. Like a shark that has to keep swimming to live, developers have to keep learning. So many things in our industry change that every 6 months there is a new crop of things you have to know about. Continuous learning is not just a good idea, it is a skill you have to master.

Learning takes time

Start a habit of Continuous Learning with Nomad PHP.

It takes time to master a skill. No matter what you are trying to learn, there is no shortcut for investing your time time, programming is no exception. To get better you have to learn new things, and practice what you learn.

Nobody has enough time

Time is a precious commodity. Nomad PHP helps you make the most of the time you invest in learning. We help you invest a small portion of it each month in learning so that you become a better developer. As you get better, you get your job done faster. The investment you made in learning with Nomad PHP pays off, you have more time to spend doing the things you love. (Bonus points if what you love is writing code!) Nomad PHP helps you build a habit of continuous learning.

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How much easier would it be if you had someone to bring the training to you?

  • You wouldn’t have to travel to see the best speakers give their best talks
  • You wouldn’t have to follow everyone to figure out who the authorities are on each topic
  • You could learn on your own schedule
  • You could be a better developer, advance your career, and have time to do the things you love doing!

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to sacrifice time on the things you love doing, just to learn, practice, and become a better developer. Imagine a world where you can see the best talks from the best conferences around the world being brought to you instead of you having to go see them. *Imagine advancing your career because you were the one on top of new technologies and new ideas.*

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US Chapter

Symfony2 – The Basics

Margaret Staples

April 2015 - US
Presented By

Margaret Staples
April 23, 2015
20:00 CDT

EU Chapter

Hack — Why Should I Care?

Joel Clermont

April 2015 - EU
Presented By

Joel Clermont
April 23, 2015
20:00 CEST

What if learning fit into your schedule?

Start a habit of Continuous Learning with Nomad PHP.

We created Nomad PHP because we wanted training that fit our lifestyle. We are web developers and designers ourselves. We’ve been doing it since 1995. Along the way we’ve been to countless conferences, seminars, and events. All of which had one thing in common, we had to spend time getting there and getting back. Sure, we learned new things but we lost the one thing we can’t get back, time. So we created Nomad PHP. Nomad PHP fits into your lifestyle.

  • 2 meetings a month to choose from
  • Recordings so that you can watch/re-watch at your leisure
  • Downloads so that you can watch them off-line

Now you don’t have to choose between spending a week on the road or a week doing the things you love doing, just to learn something. Invest an hour in training and then spend the rest of your time maximizing your happiness. You can have it all and it only costs $20 a month!

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  • A ticket to attend both meetings each month
  • Access to the streaming recordings of both meetings for up to 3 months
  • Access to download the recording of both meetings and watch them off-line


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